Starting a Photography Business Focused on Landscape, Outdoor, and Travel Photography / by Jim Ekstrand

Hello blog visitor! Welcome to the very first blog post for my new photography venture and the very beginning of a journey that I will be taking to determine if I can actually make a living as a photographer focused on landscape, outdoor, and travel photography. 

If I was focusing on wedding, portrait, or real estate photography, it might be [relatively] easy to succeed, but instead I'm setting a challenge for myself. Can I succeed with a focus on landscape, outdoor, and travel photography?

A recent move to Santa Fe, New Mexico and an unexpected career change (layoff!) have motivated me to pursue this lifelong dream and I'm giving myself until the end of 2019 to make this work.

Am I hopelessly naive to think I even have a chance to turn this into a viable business? Is it possible to do this within a tight timeframe of 16 months? Stay tuned to this blog to find out how this all goes. I will be providing regular updates on my journey and will also be providing a lot of detailed information on the creative, technical, business, and marketing aspects of establishing a photography business.

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